About Us

For the last five years the Royal Elephant chain of Restaurant has brought to you the finest experience of Thai cuisine. We believe much of our success is due to our attention to detail. From importing only the finest Thai chefs from some of the top hotels and Restaurant in Bangkok and other major Thai cities, to the weekly importation of fresh Thai spices, vegetable and other ingredients. Add to this a completely authentic five star setting, created by importing only the finest of Thai furniture to replicate some of the most up market eateries in Thailand.

In the near future the Royal Elephant will take the eating experience a step future.

Due to the diverse demands of today’s dining connoisseur and the recent expansion of the current premises, creating one of the largest restaurant kitchens in Europe, the Royal Elephant will introduce a multicultural dining experience under one roof. As before attention to detail will be of paramount importance. From early January 2007 as well as continuing to serve the finest of Thai Cuisine we will also be offering a multitude of European dishes. Adding to The Royal Elephant will be a team of highly reputed chefs from some of Europe’s major cities creating what we believe to be the first truly international restaurant of its kind.

In doing so we believe we are offering a service previously unknown on this scale. For a discerning diner to be able to dine out without first making a choice is a choice that has been previously unavailable. We hope that both our existing clientele enjoy the expansion of dinning options and that our new clientele enjoy the first time experience of such an establishment. In any case the Royal Elephant looks forward to welcoming you soon for the ultimate dining experience.